Knock-Knock! Who's There? App Reviews

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Fun at Play!

This is such a fun and engaging app for babies and little kids! Photos of familiar faces appear behind doors of these simple and appealing little houses. My little one gave a tap to the screen and the door opened and, "Ooooh, there's Mommy!" We shared the excitement, one picture after another. Setup was intuitive and a breeze, uploading pics and labeling them. I was even able to use my iPad to take a photo of our neighbor to include in the series. And the last house, with a live selfie of my little one was a big hit! I can imagine this app being used not just by kids and their parents, but also by older kids for snapshot collections. I happen to be a therapist, and I think this would work well for kids with verbal disabilities, or for kids on the spectrum. This will get a lot of use in my household, and I look forward to future apps!

Baby love

I love this! It's easy and fun to use and the graphics are delightful. I made a story with pictures of my whole family including the dogs! It came out great. This app is a wonderful way to share an activity with your baby that is warm, loving and meaningful. You get to encourage healthy development in a playful way, just perfect for anyone who loves children and loves to be with them.

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